WATCH: HERO Judge Shuts Down Race-Baiting Lawyer Who Tries To Claim “Police Brutality” Forced His Clients To Commit Crime

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I’m not exactly sure where this took place or when, but it’s a great clip of a judge dropping a truth bomb on a lawyer for trying to claim his client was running from police brutality.


As soon as the lawyer started down the road of police brutality, the frustrated judge cut him off and refused to even let him go there, saying:

Don’t hand me that! Don’t even go down that road – I’m not going to let you go down that road. That is so off-base. We’ve got a young man – I don’t care what color he is – in a neighborhood he doesn’t live in at 1:41 in the morning, hiding under somebody’s dock in the water with a holster on after a police officer had a shot taken at him. Don’t hand me this, [that] he’s a black man running from police brutality.

Look, that is not appropriate in this case. That’s not there and I’m not going to let you poison this case with bringing in something that has nothing to do with it.

After this short but superb lecture, the judge then pronounced a bond of $100k on two separate counts each. You can see defendant facepalm in the background as soon as he hears the bonds. I’m sure he wasn’t too happy with his lawyer.

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