WATCH: BLM Punk Gets Humiliated By Black Cop After Asking Him “Are Ya’ll Gonna Kill Me Like Ma’Khia Bryant?”

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You’ll have to pardon the language in the video, and the censored language in the headline, but that quote from the snot-nosed punk in this video just so perfectly shows how the BLM/Antifas think.

This kid thought he had an own when he asked a cop “are y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?”

But the cop – the BLACK cop – said was the real mic drop line: “You gonna stab somebody like her?”

It’s great. Awful I mean but great. The kid’s reaction is so illustrative. “This s*** goin’ viral.” See, that’s what they’re all there for. “Never let a crisis go to waste’ became “if you don’t have a crisis, create one, and then don’t let it go to waste.” And now it’s “I’m so addicted to fake crises that I’m literally excited about the retweets.”

Remember how a girl died while trying to kill another girl? That’s what you’re excited about ya little callous jerk.

See, they have to keep marching and rioting and looting. Can’t let a thing like winning the case stop em.

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