WATCH: Reporters Yell At Police Chief For Calling Minnesota Riot A ‘Riot’ — “There Was No Riot!”

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A new round of riots is unfolding in Minnesota, following the shooting of a young black man by police.

Daunte Wright was shot by a police officer who claims she intended to tase him. Wright was pulled over for expired tags on his car. At that time, police discovered he had an outstanding warrant. He resisted arrest and tried to flee.

Yesterday, the police chief described what was being done to police. They were having rocks and frozen cans of liquid thrown at them.

He used the word riots and journalists actually scolded him for it.

FOX News reports:

Reporters scold Minnesota police chief for describing unrest after Daunte Wright shooting as ‘riot’

Reporters scolded Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon Monday for using the term “riot” to describe the violence that took place Sunday night following the deadly shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright by a police officer.

Violence erupted in the Minneapolis suburb in response to the shooting, which Gannon suggested was a mistake by the officer who confused her gun with her Taser and fired at Wright as he attempted to drive off in his car.

“What was your decision to issue a dispersal order while they were peacefully protesting in front of the police station?” a reporter asked before noting that “CO2 canisters and gas” that were also used on the crowd.

“Just so that everybody’s clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot,” Gannon began.

“Don’t do that,” one reporter interjected.

“There was no riot,” another pushed back.

Watch the video below:

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