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WATCH: Antifa Barricades Doors To ICE Facility Then Sets It On Fire With People Trapped Inside

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If you want to make a mainstream media “journalist” or Democratic politician laugh, tell them about Antifa. They treat the domestic terrorist group with such little interest that we have to assume they think they’re a joke. But things have turned deadly, again, with their latest terrorist attack, this time in Portland.

Of course, Democrats’ and mainstream media’s unwillingness to address Antifa might be funny if they weren’t trying to kill people.

The Neo-Marxist group barricaded the doors of the Portland Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, trapping everyone inside. Then, they lit the building on fire. As real journalist Andy Ngo reported:

The lack of attention by the left has only encouraged Antifa to escalate their attacks on the rule of law and peace in our nation. Portland in particular has been hard hit by “Black Bloc” militants who have taken over various parts of downtown nearly every night for over a year. Despite this, far-left Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler won reelection, mostly because his opponent was an Antifa supporter who is even more radical than he is.

These terrorists are well-aware of the stance the Portland Police Department holds regarding their antics. On orders from City Hall and the Mayor’s office, law enforcement’s hands are tied. They can witness crimes and still do nothing. Even if they do, the prosecutorial arm of government in Portland and surrounding areas are sympathizers; the chances of an arrest turning into charges are slim to none.

Knowing this, Antifa regularly taunts police as they did last night.

Antifa owns downtown Portland. And with Joe Biden in the White House, they have no concerns about federal law enforcement getting involved. They can commit arson on a federal building with no fear of repercussions.

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