WATCH: Eric Bolling Walks Out On BBC Interview After Being Called Racist For Supporting GA’s “Jim Crow” Voting Law

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Eric Bolling walked out on a BBC interview after the other guest called him a racist and refused to apologize:

Aisha Mills, whose commentary has been on both CNN and MSNBC, actually accused Bolling of being a racist, saying:

“I think it’s really rich for any Republican, especially a white man, to run around and claim they care about the economic condition of Black communities and Black businesses when that’s all a lie.”

Bolling immediately interrupted saying “That’s insulting and not fair!”

The host cut Bolling off to let Mills finish, who went on to spew the regular ‘Jim Crow’ lies about the Georgia election law.

Mills then targeted Bolling directly, saying:

“How dare you try to act like you are somehow a proponent of black people in businesses just to make a point and to try and create a wedge. It’s ignorant and it’s just disrespectful.”

Bolling, who was boiling at this point, exclaimed before walking off:

“That’s disgusting. I’m done. Put me off. That’s disgusting. I am nowhere near anything you are painting me to be, and the problem with America politics is exactly that. Because I’m white, you think I’m racist? That’s BS. I’m done.”

The host implored Bolling to stay for just one more question and he did come back to the mic, but he said he’d need an apology and the other guest refused to give it.

Bolling then said “I’m done!” and walked out for the last time.

And who could blame him. The host never even once took up for him or criticized Mills when she vomited up this outlandish and racist nonsense. She targeted him because he’s white and apparently that’s an ok thing to do at the BBC if you’re black.

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