You Can’t Make This Up: Joe Biden Gets Inches From Person’s Face To Urge Them To Social Distance

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Joe Biden continues to preach about social distancing but refuses to do it himself.

While delivering a short speech in the State Dining Room, Biden got really close to someone and urged them to social distance.

Biden then realized he wasn’t socially distancing himself and said “which I’m not doing”.

Took a look at the awkward moment:

Fox News covered the story and had this to share:

President Biden leaned inches away from someone’s face to urge them to practice social distancing as he promoted the nation’s vaccine progress Tuesday afternoon.

Video shows the president pointing to his face mask, leaning toward someone seated and encouraging them to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coronavirus guidelines.

“Keep wearing a mask, wash the hands and socially distance – which I’m not doing,” he jokes, prompting laughter from a group of people off-camera.

Biden delivered remarks on the country’s vaccination push from the State Dining Room after visiting a clinic in Alexandria, Va.

Biden at this point sounds like a broken record, his script writers must have took a day off.

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