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WATCH: Customers In Packed Diner Chant ‘GET OUT!’ At COVID Health Officials Trying To Shut Restaurant Down For Defying Restrictions

This is one of the most gratifying videos I’ve seen in a while.

Customers in a packed diner chant “GET OUT!” to health officials who came in to try to shut the place down.

Despite being served an individual order to close by provincial officials, a restaurant owner in Vancouver, British Columbia, recently demonstrated she no plans to comply.

Vancouver police visited Corduroy Restaurant on Saturday and issued a full closure order to owner Rebecca Matthews. The scene was recorded on video and Matthews can be seen with an infant strapped to her person, telling the officials that she does not recognize their authority.

As Matthews accuses the coronavirus-protocol authorities of trespassing, the restaurant of packed diners backs her up with chants of “Get out! Get out!” When the officials leave, the crowd erupts in applause.

Vancouver health authorities were not pleased by the video and assured that “violations of closure orders” will be dealt with “thoroughly.”

“I’m frustrated with the behavior here,” Health Minister Adrian Dix said. “No one misunderstands the rules. We are enforcing that closure order, and it is being enforced right now, and it will be enforced.”

British Columbia has issued another lockdown that includes a 3-week ban on indoor dining, meant to stop a potential third wave of COVID-19.

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