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Videos Resurface Showing Biden WANTED A Border Crisis — Demanded An ‘Unrelenting Stream’ Of Illegals ‘Storming The Border’ To Make ‘Caucasians The Minority’

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Many decisions by progressives and globalists over the past several years have led to one inevitable question: have modern eugenicists taken over the modern Democrat party?

In the past, Biden has openly demanded an “unrelenting stream” of illegal and legal immigration “nonstop” in order to dismantle Western society and remove what he called “white European stock” in order to ‘brown’ America.  These are his words and the words of many in his administration and his previous Obama-Biden administration.

This was the view of Obama as well, as he appointed people like apparent eugenicist, Carol Baker to the prestigious position of Chair of the CDC Advisory Committee.  Carol openly admitted in interviews to want to eliminate all the white people from America in order to force vaccinations on everyone, because she apparently insists that non-white people are dumber and more compliant:

Many are questioning whether the Biden Regime should be considered a human trafficking ring.  Human trafficking during the Biden Administration is so lucrative and vast for those involved that Biden doesn’t have the time to even house them in make-shift indoor cages any longer.  Because there are too many to even pretend to be able to handle, the Biden Regime is simply throwing them into the dirt behind fences in hastily constructed and “incredibly restricted make-shift processing centers” under overpasses in Texas.

So, as the truth of Biden’s plan to dismantle the West becomes more clear, we thought it would be good to once again visit the cognitively declining old man, in his own words, during the Democrat primary debate. When discussing border policies, Biden vehemently demanded a surge at the border.

“I would in fact make sure that there is–we immediately surge to the border all those people who are seeking asylum.  They deserve to be heard.”

Is Biden’s definition of asylum seeker anyone who is not white from a third-world country?  Based upon the evidence, including the videos and links we have posted in this article, it would not be crazy to come to this reasonable conclusion.

Many people didn’t take Biden seriously about his plans for the border.  The media continues to run cover for him, as they have been for 2 years.  But, everything that is going on now is part of a script laid out long ago by globalists who seek to dismantle The West.

Biden, like Obama, has been telling the world who he is for years.

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

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