CNN Anchor Don Lemon Blasts Catholic Church For Not Affirming His Gay Union

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Left-wing reaction to the Vatican’s affirmation of Christian doctrine on the topic of marriage and sexuality was less than laudatory, including the public condemnation of gay CNN news anchor Don Lemon.

Appearing on ABC’s “The View,” Lemon said that while he respects “people’s right to believe” in their own conception of God, he thinks it is “wrong” for people to “believe in something that hurts another person.”

“God is not about hindering people or even judging people,” Lemon said before suggesting that Christians have racial bias. “And to put it in the context of race, I find that, you know, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said the most segregated place on Earth, time on Earth, was 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning,” Lemon remarked.

Saying that “religion and the pew” set up “barriers from people actually getting to know each other,” the CNN anchor announced that Catholics and other Christians need “to reexamine themselves and their teachings because that is not what God is about.”

“So, I would say to the pope and the Vatican and all Christians or Catholics or whomever, whatever religion you believe … go out and meet people and try to understand people and do what the Bible and what Jesus actually said, if you believe in Jesus, and that is to love your fellow man and judge not lest ye be not judged,” Lemon said.

Lemon is an outspoken LGBT activist who is engaged to another man, a wealthy real estate agent in New York and the Hamptons named Tim Malone.

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