TERRIBLE!TERRIBLE! Caves To Woke Mob, Removes Word “Slavery”, Capitalizes Word “Black”

Share this:, an online dictionary tool boasting a massive library of terms, has announced that it will be reducing its stored words and definitions by one – the word “slavery” is disappearing.

In an effort to showcase inclusive terminology, the word “slave” will have its noun listing removed. Rather than “slave” as a noun, identifying a person, the adjective “enslaved” will appear.

The elimination of slave is one of thousands of changes to the online resource. Some of those changes revolve around the issue of race and ethnicity. “BIPOC,” the increasingly popular acronym standing for “Black, Indigenous and People of Color, will be included starting this year, as will “Critical Race Theory.”

Just last September, made other key changes in reference to matters of race. The company made the controversial decision to begin capitalizing the word “Black” when referring to a race, while still keeping “white” with a lower case “w.”

The online dictionary has a history of “woke” changes. Many of their latest additions have included black slang and “ebonics” terms such as “finna”.

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