WATCH: Video Captures Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Walking Across Border Unimpeded — Biden’s Open Border Policy At Work

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Video captured this past weekend shows a steady flow of migrants walking into Arizona from Mexico completely unimpeded.

The footage was tweeted by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) who wrote “The tip of the iceberg near Yuma, AZ as immigrants begin to flood into the US responding to @JoeBiden’s open border, catch and release policy.”

The Senator added “How many have COVID?”

A recent caller to Garret Lewis’ radio show in Tucson helped shed some light on that question, as he related that according to his wife, who is a nurse at Banner Hospital, almost all of the new COVID cases in the local hospital are illegal aliens.

The caller noted that the hospital has been almost empty over the past month, but has since experienced a surge in cases, primarily among undocumented migrants.

Over the weekend busloads of migrants were seen arriving in Tucson:

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls warned last week that migrants will inundate cities like his own that are not equipped to handle it.

“In about the last week, over week, they’ve been releasing into the community, we’ve had about 170 people so far released into the community, but we don’t have a shelter system, we don’t have any sort of resources really set up to address the needs and help with the transition to their ultimate location,” Nicholls said.

uma Sector Border Patrol agents and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office are trying to stem the flow, and last week disrupted another case of human smuggling, discovering 18 migrants in a stash house.

The agents arrested a US citizen in connection with the stash house operation:

Border patrol is reported to have arrested around 100,000 migrants attempting to illegally cross the border in February alone.

In response to the inundation of Arizona, the Biden administration says it is is considering opening additional temporary facilities.

In other words, more ‘kids in cages.’

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