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WATCH: Flight Crew Caught On Camera Celebrating After Kicking A Family Off Flight Because Their 15-Month-Old Baby Wouldn’t Wear Mask

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Once again, another incident took place involving Jews on an airplane and mask compliance.

The latest incident occurred on Sunday evening, on Frontier Airline flight F9 2878 from Miami International to La Guardia Airport.

An eye-witness tells YWN that the flight attendants made an issue over a 15-month old toddler that was not wearing a mask, despite airline regulations that clearly state that “Face coverings are not required for children under the age of 2.”

Fly Frontier’s own website says that children under the age of 2 don’t need masks. But even if this was an incident of violating mask rules, the alleged bigoted behavior from the staff as claimed in the video below is not acceptable!

Videos from the incident below:

EYEWITNESS VIDEO! Multiple people say on the record in this video that as the Hasidic couple started leaving the airplane, FlyFrontier’s staff applauded, exchanged high fives and one allegedly said “a job well done to those Jews.”

An Orthodox Jewish person spoke up in defense of the Hasidic couple:

Another passenger who was not part of the travel group and not in the same ethnic group as the victimized travelers is alleging that “they are saying some nasty things:

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