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FBI Finally Forced To Admit Jan 6 Was NOT An “Armed Insurrection” As Claimed By Democrats

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were quick to accuse President Trump of inciting “an armed insurrection against America” the day after the Capitol riot took place. Many of us, however, who actually took the time to study the videos pushed back on that narrative.

In a hearing today on the Capitol riot, Senator Ron Johnson asked the FBI how many firearms were recovered after the riot took place and here’s what he was told:

Zero firearms were recovered on Capitol grounds or in the Capitol.

Zero. None. Zilch.

Now in the clip, which can be viewed here, the FBI official adds that she doesn’t want to speak for Metro and Capitol Police. But she says that to her knowledge, none were recovered.

Johnson asked specifically if anyone is being charged with having a firearm in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds from that day, and she responds ‘correct.’

The FBI official also confirms that no shots were fired in the Capitol, except that one that killed Ashli Babbitt.

So no firearms were confiscated, no shots were fired from rioters, and nobody is being charged with having a firearm at the Capitol. But Nancy Pelosi plainly said it was an armed insurrection and we have that tape:

I knew from just watching the footage of what happened that it wasn’t an armed insurrection and that Pelosi was lying her face off. And now we have actual testimony from the FBI confirming this. Is any reporter going to ask Pelosi why she lied?

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