Human Smuggling Incident Leaves 15 Dead In California — A Result Of Biden’s New Immigration Policies

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Each of these fifteen people would be alive today had Biden and the Democrats not incentivized criminal cartels to monetize illegal entry into the US.

There was a mass fatality crash on a California highway. A massively overloaded vehicle crashed at an intersection. Thirteen of the more-than twenty-five passengers squeezed into the Ford Expedition paid with their lives.

In that vehicle were twenty-five illegal aliens and the human smugglers (aka ‘coyotes’) who were taking them to their eventual destination. They came in through a ten-foot hole in the fence.

Had they not entered the country by unlawful means, these people would still be alive today.

This is a case of making Joe Biden play by his own rules. In the case of COVID, Joe cheerfully moved the goalposts to make Trump’s closure of the borders to virus hotspots seem like ‘too little too late’, and pushed a hand-wringing narrative of the President being personally responsible for each and every COVID death that followed.

That’s a helluva standard to hold a rival to, Joe. Let’s see how well you fare under your own standard. After all, that desk you sit at was once decorated with this…

This administration has embraced a series of policy decisions that shifted the balance of incentives and disincentives for immigration heavily in favor of ILLEGAL entry.

After all, why should hopeful foreigners wanting their share in the American Dream wait their turn forever, burn mountains of money as they wrangle with lawyers for the possibility of MAYBE being granted entry into the US when they can bust their way in, declare “Olly olly oxen free” once they are inside knowing they will never be expected to leave?

It’s a perverse incentive structure that has resulted in masses rushing the border, with many more to follow. And key Democrats have admitted in internal memos this strategy is motivated, first and foremost, by what is good for DEMOCRATS. It is key to their long-term strategy of turning states blue.

Fox News reported that Border Patrol sources informed the network that the crash involved “human smugglers and 25 illegal immigrants” who were jammed into a single Ford Expedition, which normally can only seat eight people. The area where the fence was cut was constructed between 2007 and 2009 and was not part of the Trump administration’s wall.

…“Two vehicles crammed with illegal immigrants inside had driven through the ten-foot wide hole in the early morning hours of Monday’s midnight shift, sources say, somehow evading a mobile camera system set up nearby,” Fox News reported. “The sources added that the border patrol was not looking for the smugglers until they were notified by the Imperial County Sheriffs Office about the crash, which occurred about 8 miles north of where the fence was cut.”

Law enforcement officials are reportedly working with the Mexican consulate to identify the victims—who range from 20 to 55—so their families can be notified. – DailyWire

Let’s recap.

Twenty-five people were packed into a vehicle on a highway. Why is that a problem?
– For Biden’s War on Covid, that’s a massive potential transmission vector, and Heaven alone knows how many others like it there are.
– For border security, there’s a freaking 10-foot hole in the border fence.
– For immigration, forgiveness for illegal entry is made easier than permission for lawful entry (meaning we have no control mechanism for weeding out the people coming over with criminal intent)
– For citizens, their highways just became more dangerous.
– For crime, each of these illegal immigrants is a significant revenue stream for criminal cartels, who will use this money to fund other dangerous purposes, including acquiring military-grade hardware.
– For the rule of law here at home? The government has made it clear that inconvenient laws can be ignored without consequence.

If Joe doesn’t care about the impact of this flood of immigration on those communities forced to absorb the influx, he can at least pretend to care about the 13 dead ‘persons of color’ who died doing the one thing he has been encouraging people to do from his first day in office and before — flaunt immigration law without consequence, even if you have to enrich criminal cartels to do so.

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