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Convicted Murderer Turned Activist Proposes PAYING Criminals Not To Kill People To Reduce Crime Rates

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A formerly convicted murderer now-turned artist and rapper, who spray painted “no shoot” zones throughout Baltimore to create safe spaces, has now proposed paying killers to stop killing people in order to reduce the city’s high murder rate.

Maybe Democrats can add another trillion to the COVID relief bill for this one.

With a knife or sword handle appearing to protrude from his front pants pocket, Tyree Moorehead told Fox 45 News about his novel idea because he is a former killer himself who can relate to criminals.

Moorehead spent 18 years in prison for second-degree murder at 15, so he believes he’s the person who can deliver a positive change where other organizations in Baltimore have failed to succeed.

Moorehead told Fox 45 News money talks:

“I can relate to the shooters. Guess what they want? They want money.

“I’ve talked to these people, I’ve seen the shooters, it’s a small city, I know who the hustlers are.”

Fox 45 News asked former Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith his opinion of Moorehead’s idea. Smith said he agrees with thinking creatively about ways to stop relentless violence:

“It speaks to the desperation that we all have.”

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