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WATCH: BLM Supporter Burns Down Beautiful 111 Year Old Historic Court House, Livestreams His Arrest

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A supporter of Black Lives Matter burned down a 111-year-old, historic court house in Mason County, Texas. Or, as the Left would say, he conducted a mostly peaceful protest.

GoSanAngelo reported:

Mason volunteer firefighters responded to a structure fire in the 300 block of Ranck Street in Mason. Around 15 minutes later, the courthouse fire alarm sounded.

More firefighters responded to the courthouse and started fighting the blaze. Once the fire was out, the firefighters discovered several vehicles had been broken into and items were stolen, according to a county news release. Officials are also investigating a fire at a nearby residence they believe is linked to the courthouse blaze. 

“While investigating the vehicle burglaries, additional information was developed implicating a potential suspect,” the release stated. “The suspect was apprehended near Waco.”

Nicholas Jarret Miller was arrested in McLennan County after a vehicle chase. He is facing charges of theft of a vehicle, theft of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, breaking and entering and evading arrest, according to Mason County Judge Jerry Bearden and jail records. Arson charges are expected to be added to the list as the investigation continues, Bearden said Saturday morning.

The suspect livestreamed himself during his arrest, for some reason including a rant against Mark Zuckerberg, before stating that “we know how this is going to end” even if he ‘keeps his hands up’:

The historic Beaux Arts building had been emptied in preparation for renovations at the time, so there were no injuries and all court records remained safely stored elsewhere.

A drone camera captured the aftermath of the fire:

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