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WATCH: Texas Cop Threatens To Taser Man For Not Wearing A Mask

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A video out of Texas shows a police officer threatening to taser a man for not wearing a mask inside a gas station store.

The clip shows the officer entering the store and immediately barking at the man, “Where’s your mask at?”

“What mask?” he responds.

“The mask that you’re required to wear by city ordinance,” responds the officer.

The cop then tells the man to leave the store, adding, “Don’t argue with me, it’s real simple.”

The man, who noted that the officer’s mask had slipped down, is carrying a gun as is his right under Texas law.

As the man follows the order and leaves the store, the cop then draws his weapon and says, “I will tase you right now!”

Despite the fact that the man has left the store and is no longer required to wear a mask, he is detained anyway and told to put his hands up.

“Get your hand up now!” shouts the officer as he calls for backup. “Dude, you’re just dumb, you should be listening!” he adds.

“You move again, I’m gonna drop you!” says the cop despite the fact that the man is complying.

“It was simple, all you had to do was step outside and put a mask on,” says the officer as he disarms the man’s gun before claiming the man is “uncooperative” despite the fact that he is stood with his hands on his head.

The video ends with the cop pointing the taser at the man.

Some respondents to the video said the man should have complied, but others asserted that the officer took it too far.

“Talk about over reaction by an officer! I’m always for the police but this is ridiculous,” said one.

“But they cannot control the people burning down their cities? Our world is upside down!!” added another.

“Joe Biden’s America right here,” remarked another.

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