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Biden’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL Deportation Ban Gets Squashed By Texas Judge!

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America’s borders, cities, and citizens must be protected. One of the most stark differences between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are their policies on immigration. Fortunately safe guards exist that prevent sitting Presidents from being complete tyrants!

Joe Biden suffered another devastating blow after his 100-day deportation ban was blocked by U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton.

As the Daily Caller points out, “Texas sued the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday after the agency issued a memo that ordered immigration agencies to stop most deportations.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted the order, saying that it violated the Constitution, federal immigration and administrative law. Paxton also argued that it violated a “mutually beneficial agreement” between Texas and the DHS which requires the DHS to give it 180 days’ notice of any proposed action.

“In granting the TRO, Tipton ruled that the 100-day deportation moratorium violates the APA in that not removing an illegal immigrant is “not in accordance with law and in excess of the government’s statutory authority” under current law, which stipulates an illegal alien must be removed within 90 days, the Daily Caller adds in their report.


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