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Biden Obviously Lying About Opening Schools, Taps Leading Proponent Of Keeping Schools CLOSED

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Actions speak louder than words! This is especially true for politicians, doubly so for Democrats. Joe Biden has been making back-to-back pledges across the board as Liberals and special interest groups seek to squeeze as much as they can from the new administration.

Despite the Biden administration promising to fast track “safely reopening schools”, Joe Biden’s pick to be deputy secretary of education is still fighting to keep students out of the classroom!

Cindy Marten, the longtime superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, has been a vocal opponent of bringing back in-person instruction for public school students. The district had pledged to give a timeline for reopening on Jan. 13, but Marten failed to follow through, announcing after the deadline that no date for return will be set.

“Despite the progress that is being made and all of the best efforts of all of our employees, it’s important that we recognize that the virus continues to spread and it’s out of control in our communities,” Marten said. “This is not the time to let up on our efforts to defeat this deadly virus.”

Marten’s refusal to set a timeline for schools to reopen is in direct contradiction with Biden, who has vowed to have schools reopen within the first hundred days of his presidency. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief medical adviser, has said the government’s “default position” should be to get kids back in the classroom.

Recent peer-reviewed studies confirm that transmission of COVID-19 in schools is “extremely rare,” but teachers in some of the biggest districts in the country continue to resist going back to the classroom until there is mass vaccination of both teachers and students.


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