Biden Admin’s First Priority Was To Add Gender Pronouns To White House Website Contact Form

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With a massive list of possible actions to perform in the first days in office, the Biden Administration decided their top priority was to make sure the official White House website doesn’t offend gender-non-conforming, gender-fluid, non-cis-people (aka, crazy people).

With the administration of President Joe Biden now in control of the White House, they now have control over the White House’s website and social media accounts, too. Mere hours after Biden was sworn in, changes are already visible on its website, which now asks individuals their gender pronouns on the contact form.

The pronouns tab on the form, which users are not required to fill in, gives users the option to declare their pronouns as either: “she/her,” “he/him,” “they/them,” “other,” and “prefer not to share” with the addition option “IF YOU’D LIKE TO, PLEASE SHARE YOUR PRONOUNS”.

GLAAD, an organization that advocates against the derogatory coverage of LGBTQ people in media and entertainment, posted a screenshot of the pronoun options to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

Furthermore, while declaring one’s pronouns isn’t required, a person’s prefix is. Alongside the traditional “Mr.,” “Ms.,” “Mrs.,” and “Dr.,” another option provided under the prefix tab is “Mx.” There are also options for “other (please specify)” and “none.”

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro poked fun at the Biden administration for the change.

“The administration that values objectively verifiable facts has begun!” he tweeted, sharing GLAAD’s post.

Here is how some other conservatives across Twitter responded to the news:


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