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The Idiotic Left Is Suffering From Some Disgustingly Selective Amnesia

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Imagine for a moment that you were a leftist, a no doubt disturbing image. Of course, you would feel justified in impeaching the President; after all, didn’t he sleep with a Chinese spy while serving on the House (no pun intended) Intelligence Committee? Oh wait, that was someone else that even as a leftist you would have a hard time liking, but who isn’t an evil Republican, so let’s let the spy thing slide, okay?

But surely you could hold the President responsible for his elitist insider trading, right? After all, only a truly snobbish individual would think that allowing themselves to get rich by taking advantage of their elective office was okay. Rumor has it that the guy socked away over 200 million dollars from the despicable practice of using information that the general public wasn’t privy to. Hmmmmm just a second, that may have been the illustrious leader of your own party, as the story carried by “The Political Insider” makes clear. The article states that

In the premiere episode of “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch,” co-host Harlan Hill pointed out that Pelosi is one of the richest members of Congress, to the tune of at least $202 million in 2014.

Hill said Pelosi’s husband Paul is an “ultra-wealthy real estate investor and venture capitalist who has been an active investor in large companies that have been impacted by his wife’s regulations,” but yet we don’t have a record of his finances.

“Nancy Pelosi has engaged in insider trading,” Hill said, “because she’s been the beneficiary of information that other people wouldn’t have, so Paul Pelosi is able to make active trades on her insider knowledge.”

Wow, that’s a lot, and that’s only up to 2014. Nancy has been doing big things since then, including making some timely pre-shutdown investments in Amazon. An article by Doyle Alexander that appeared in “” highlights Pelosi’s good fortune

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband are cashing in already on $5 million of Amazon stock purchased during the time frame that closed-door coronavirus meetings were being conducted in Congress.

As of Tuesday morning, the Pelosi stock purchase had already earned the couple $1.1 million in less than 10 weeks. The Amazon share price climbed close to $2,000 on Tuesday. Paul Pelosi, the speaker’s husband, got in at a price of $1,600 per share and grabbed 3,000 shares on Jan. 17, according to financial disclosure filings

Don’t you wish you could earn a little over a million in 10 weeks? Of course, you do! But don’t forget, your a leftist now, and Nancy Pelosi, with all her charm, is the very face of your party, so perhaps that insider trading stuff wasn’t that bad.

There is the time that Trump set his son up as a figurehead at a company in Ukraine and got his son a very lucrative deal with Communist China, which also provided Trump with some lucrative Chinese boodle. Surely that in and of itself is enough to get the guy impeached.

Wait a minute, upon further reflection, that was “The Big Guy” himself, Joe Biden. Remember that although Biden was only slightly less popular than the Coronavirus, the plagiarizing, hair sniffing little liar wasn’t that evil Donald Trump, so you figured that (provided you could keep him away from your young daughters) you could hold your nose and vote for the guy. No, best leave the last best hope for the future of the Democratic party alone.

Certainly, Trump’s concoction of a phony Russian collusion story that he pushed (with the help of the media for four years) is grounds for impeachment! After all, think of all the time that Congress could have spent on real issues if it was not for this phony witch hunt. Why Trump even went so far as to lie to the entire nation on live TV while “paraphrasing” a telephone dialog.

It seems that might be another problematic story. In fact, that was a plethora of Democratic luminaries headed up by the likes of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell.

The New York Post explained AdamSchiff’s lies by explaining that

As the grand impresario of collusion, Schiff has filled print and broadcast media since January 2017 claiming that he has seen “more than circumstantial evidence” of a Trump-Putin conspiracy. Obviously there was none in the transcripts, or he’d have pulled back the curtain years ago. But Schiff didn’t want to hand control of the narrative to one of Trump’s most effective deputies, so on Thursday they finally went live.

They show exactly what you’d expect them to show: None of the former Obama administration officials who took to the airwaves immediately after Trump’s election to claim collusion had any evidence of it.

Swalwell made the mistake of taking on Richard Grenell, which proved to be a major error for Swalwell (a man not totally unfamiliar with errors)

How guilty of lying is Swalwell? “Brietbart” posted some of Swalwell’s more egregious lies. During an interview with MSNBC Swalwell states that

REP. ERIC SWALWELL: This is Watergate plus, right? Watergate was more of a domestic issue, rule of law at stake, the articles involved, contempt of Congress, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. Here, if you step back and ask why did the president direct Michael Cohen to lie, if that’s what he did, it’s to cover up a relationship that he had with Russia that is still ongoing today. What we value: democracy, human rights, a rule of law, that’s at stake. So, that is an outside threat, as well as an inside rule of law threat. I think that is what’s most concerning to me.

Of course, there was no evidence, Swalwell (much like his good friends Schiff and Nadler) felt that they could lie with impunity, all the while neglecting the very people they were elected, as evidenced by the homeless crisis plaguing the districts of these very loud, but very ineffective grifters

So what did that Trump guy do again? Oh yeah, he incited violence. Why the guy even went so far as to encourage his followers to let his political opponents “know they are not welcome” by harassing them in any public area they mistakenly chose to appear. Why he even went so far as to say

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,”

Well, if that wasn’t inciting violence, what is? I mean, it’s no…….wait, it turns out that wasn’t Donald Trump either. That was some crazy member of your party named Maxine Waters, but you can’t censure Waters; after all, she ticks all the identity politics boxes your party is so fond of.

So what exactly was Trump guilty of? It seems as if he gave a speech……something that is commonly done by politicians. But Trump’s speech contained incendiary language

According to Robert Spencer of “PJ Media” the portions of Trump’s speech that supposedly incited mob violence are:

So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.

The attentive reader may have noticed that there is nothing there, or in any other part of the speech, calling upon the crowd to storm the Capitol, or to overthrow the government, or to do anything but walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and encourage lawmakers to support the president. The case for the claim that Trump incited the mob rests on the proposition that he didn’t have to spell out what he wanted them to do; when he detailed his reasons for believing that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, that was enough to inflame them sufficiently to storm the Capitol.

What? An average coach’s pre-game speech at an average 3rd-grade soccer match incites more violence than Trump’s speech. He certainly wasn’t promoting violence on a level of wacko Waters, so what is good liberal to do?

Almost all Liberal politicians throughout history have doggedly refrained from actually admitting that they were wrong; no, they have to work at pointing out the hidden meaning of Trump’s words, as demonstrated by this gem of a sound byte from the former crappy FBI Director and current crappy CNN commentator Andrew McCabe

Ah yes, code words and dog whistles, at least your party still had that craziness to fall back on to *ahem* justify their insane position on Trump’s impeachable conduct.

The sad news is that the liberals appear to have pushed this impeachment nonsense through, the good news is that if you are reading this you are almost certainly not a liberal

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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