Obama Goons Attempting To Convince Masses ‘Capitol Riots’ Are WORSE Than 9/11

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Former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said that Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol riots were a worse “security failure” than the 9/11 terror attacks.

“It’s clearly one of the greatest security failures in modern American history,” Pfeiffer said Thursday on Pod Save America. “Worse than 9/11. It’s 9/11 if they had told you that 9/11 was going to happen and you didn’t prepare for it.”

On Wednesday, hundreds of pro-Trump rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol to disrupt Congress’s certification of the presidential electoral votes. The riot left five people dead, including a U.S. Capitol police officer.

Pfeiffer, who cohosts Pod Save America with several other Obama administration alums, served as White House communications director and senior adviser to the former president.

After facing calls to step down, Capitol police chief Steven Sund announced his resignation on Thursday. The District of Columbia U.S. attorney’s office is working on dozens of cases related to the riot, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday.

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