CTU Leader Calls On Teachers To STRIKE Returning To ‘Unsafe’ Schools…From A Puerto Rican Resort!

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A leader of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) wants kids to remain out of the classroom because schools are “unsafe,” but she made the claims in the midst of a sunny vacation in Puerto Rico.

Sarah Chambers, who WGN said is on the union’s executive board and an area vice president and claimed she “led four strikes,” is opposed to schools returning to in-person learning on Monday. Chambers made several posts on Twitter this week attacking the plan.

“Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood,” WGN reported.

In a post on Instagram — on an account that has now been made private — Chambers wrote, “Spending the last day of 2020 by the poolside. We have the whole pool to ourselves. Then, we are going to old San Juan to get some yummy seafood mofongo.”

On Twitter, Chambers identified herself as a “socialist.”

“We have an entire private Airbnb house to ourselves,” she bragged in a post that showed her feet at the end of a lounge chair, with the pool and palm trees in the background.

On Friday, it is predicted to be 35 degrees where her students live in Chicago, according to

In another post, Chamber mugged for the camera from her towel with a caption that read, “Pool life.”

WGN noted the CTU “is threatening the possibility of a strike if the district pushes ahead with plans to reopen school buildings.”

After the news story ran, Chambers took to Twitter to lash out:

If you haven’t had someone break into your house and try to strangle and assault you in your house or covid 60+ days where you could barely walk or talk this year, then don’t talk to me.


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