‘I’m Going To Get In Trouble For Saying This…’ Biden Tells The Truth For Once, Can’t Eliminate Student Debt

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Joe Biden is just a joy to watch and should never be left alone for too long as his advisors fully know.

As we already know, the left fully backed Joe in the hopes of him defeating Donald Trump. While that lil issue of the Presidency is still being decided, the progressives are looking to Joe to start making good on some promises and Joe just can’t help himself by messing up the script. It is almost like these people have not watched this buffoon for any of his 40+ years in the Senate — he is a walking disaster.

Where do you think Hunter got it from?

From Zero Hedge

President-Elect Joe Biden has been under pressure from the far Left within his party to cancel all student debt as one of his first acts in office after January 20. For example earlier this month a proposed Schumer-Warren plan demanded immediate student debt forgiveness of $50,000 for each and every borrower (with the exception of course for all who’ve previously dutifully paid off their debt).

They are demanding he do this via a sweeping executive order, with some progressives going so far as to push for a total debt forgiveness by a mere “flick of the pen”. By middle of this week Biden belatedly addressed the growing controversy head-on in an interview with The Washington Post which no doubt added fuel to the fire of Progressive outrage.

Biden said, “I’m going to get in trouble for saying this . . . it’s arguable that the president may have the executive power to forgive up to $50,000 in student debt… Well, I think that’s pretty questionable. I’m unsure of that. I’d be unlikely to do that.”


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