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Andrew Yang Says We Should Use Barcodes To Identify Vaccinated People — Get’s RIPPED By Jewish Base

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The Democrats seem to be in a contest for who can come up with the dumbest, most absurd ideas for handling the China Virus. The latest comes from failed Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who I once had a tiny amount of respect for.

Yang took to twitter to announce his stupidity by suggesting that we use barcodes to identify Americans who have been vaccinated.


Yang — a businessman who plans to run for New York City mayor — ignited a volcanic backlash with his barcode idea, which invoked the dehumanizing practice used in Nazi Germany to identify and persecute Jews.

“Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated – like a bar code they can download to their phone?” he asked Dec. 18 on Twitter. “There ought to be.”

Yang claimed the barcodes are necessary so people could “interact more freely” once they know who has been vaccinated.

He explained that it’s “[t]ough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames without either mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling.”

Others shared similar sentiments.

Another Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy of trying to slap barcodes on people while rabidly opposing voter ID laws.

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