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WATCH: BLM / Antifa Attack Multi-Racial Family At DC Rally, Leave Children In Tears

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The Trump supporters came out by the thousands today for the Million MAGA March. The peaceful event took a violent turn when Black Lives Matter/Antifa goons began to antagonize the marchers. It got worse as the day wore on with families being attacked too.

Fight breaks out on BLM Plaza between a family supporting Trump and pro-BLM supporters moments ago. DC police trying to calm the situation and separate groups. Sad scene , children are crying and very scared.

The goons asks why the woman brought her kids to the rally. The peaceful event was disrupted by people like the Antifa/BLM protester who attacked the family. Why can’t Americans gather in DC in peace without being assaulted?

Signs like the one below that said “Punch MAGA in the face” promote the violence against peaceful people:

Who are the fascists now?

This isn’t the only family harassed during the event:

The peaceful atmosphere of the MAGA rally today ended as it got dark. Groups of jubilant Trump supporters were walking around DC when the BLM and Antifa thugs suddenly attacked. Assault after assault has been caught on video showing the hatefulness of the groups the Democrats call an “idea” and a “myth” (see video below).

Joe Biden’s “idea” just assaulted numerous Americans in DC:

A family is terrorized in DC while trying to walk down the sidewalk:

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