WATCH: ‘Million MAGA March’ Floods Streets Of D.C.!

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Today is the ‘Million MAGA March’ in Washington, DC. Or ‘March for Trump’ if you like that better. Or ‘Stop the Steal’ march. The name or hashtag don’t matter as much as the point. Which is that what could be tens of thousands or more of Trump supporters are on their way into Washington, D.C.

It’s quite a show of support and a demonstration of the commitment to resisting the forces of the left. That’s right: resisting. Get used to that word because if CNN’s chosen one prevails that’s who we become. And a better one than ever the left had.

President Trump stopped by the march on Saturday and it was awesome, the crowds went wild.

Here’s a Newsmax report on the march.

We’re going to watch this all day, even though jerks are already trying to silence it. And so can you. Here are a few live streams of the event, and we’re putting shared video and photos and tweets where we can. STAY TUNED.


From Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN)

From News2Share (N2S)


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