Fox News Cancels Judge Jeanine Over Her Defense Of President Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

The Fox News Channel did not air “Justice” with Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night.

NewsMax reported on sources that say Saturday’s pre-recorded episode did not air because Pirro defended President Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the presidential election.

Sources close to the network tell Newsmax, because she made a very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the vote fraud that took place in the election, Fox News decided not to air her show. It had extended coverage of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech of a contested election.

The same sources did not say if Pirro’s show was suspended altogether.

News outlets Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post — all owned by Rupert Murdoch — are adjusting their messaging as the likely defeat of President Trump in the 2020 presidential election looms large.

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