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Facebook Blocks Pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” Group With 320K Members Over ‘Fear They Would Cause Violence’

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A Facebook group of concerned Trump voters with more than 300,000 members has been removed by Facebook over the company’s “fear” that the group would incite violence.

The “Stop the Steal” group began picking up serious steam among Trump supporters over the past 24 hours, and was attempting to organize protests this Saturday around the country, claiming, “PRESIDENT TRUMP NEEDS US NOW MORE THAN EVER.”

On Thursday, however, the group suddenly disappeared. Facebook shut them down.

The company claimed that the group was shut down do to concern that some members “called for violence” and that the group “organized around the delegitimization of the election process.”

Both are laughable claims.

There’s been no evidence that any Trump voters have caused violence in any of the protests around the country. In fact, right-wing protests are the antithesis of the protests seen by groups on the left, where violence is commonplace.

And to claim the group’s goal of a fair and transparent election is somehow a “delegitimization of the election process” is absurd on it’s face.

Facebook is simply shutting down voices from the Right. It’s clear.

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