Supreme Court Ruling On PA Mail-In Ballots Proves To Be The Dumpster Fire It Promised To Be

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The Trump campaign is now trying to get the Supreme Court to overturn a decision they made to allow a horrible ruling by Pennsylvania’s high court to allow ballots to be received AFTER the election is over. The Supreme Court is now asking for Democrats to respond by tomorrow:

Here’s more:

President Donald Trump’s campaign moved to intervene in a pending U.S. Supreme Court clash over late-arriving mail ballots in Pennsylvania, seeking to enlist the high court’s immediate help in the disputed election.

The new filing seeks to block an unspecified number of ballots, potentially tens of thousands, that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said would count as long as they are mailed by Tuesday and arrive by Friday.

“Given last night’s results, the vote in Pennsylvania may well determine the next president of the United States,” Trump’s lawyers argued in papers filed Wednesday. “And this court, not the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, should have the final say on the relevant and dispositive legal questions.”

The court quickly asked Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by 5 p.m. Washington time Thursday to Trump’s request to take part in the case.

The Supreme Court previously left the extension in place with a 4-4 vote, and Republicans are seeking to reverse that outcome now that Trump-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett is on the court. The Supreme Court on Oct. 28 refused to fast-track the case for a decision before Election Day but left open the possibility of taking it up later.

Now is later, and hopefully they’ll take this up. The Trump campaign is exactly right and hopefully the nation’s high court will remedy their terrible decision which let Pennsylvania’s voter fraud ruling stand before the election.

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