AG Barr Deploys DOJ To 18 States To Prevent Democrat Voter Fraud/Intimidation!

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AG Barr is deploying the DOJ to 18 different states to monitor tomorrow’s elections:

DOJ – The Justice Department today announced its plans for voting rights monitoring in jurisdictions around the country for the Nov. 3, 2020 general election. The Justice Department historically has monitored in jurisdictions in the field on election day, and is again doing so this year. The department will also take complaints from the public nationwide regarding possible violations of the federal voting rights laws through its call center.

“Federal law entrusts the Civil Rights Division with protecting the right to vote for all Americans,” said Eric S. Dreiband, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “Our federal laws protect the right of all American citizens to vote without suffering discrimination, intimidation, and harassment. The work of the Civil Rights Division around each federal general election is a continuation of its historical mission to ensure that all of our citizens can freely exercise this most fundamental American right.”

The Civil Rights Division enforces the federal voting rights laws that protect the rights of all citizens to access the ballot. Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965, the division has regularly monitored in a variety of elections around the country throughout every year to protect the rights of all voters, and not just in federal general elections.

Below are the cities and states the DOJ will be monitoring:

Coconino County, Arizona;
Maricopa County, Arizona;
Navajo County, Arizona;
Los Angeles County, California;
Orange County, California;
Broward County, Florida;
Duval County, Florida;
Hillsborough County, Florida;
Miami-Dade County, Florida;
Orange County, Florida;
Palm Beach County, Florida;
Fulton County, Georgia;
Gwinnett County, Georgia;
City of Chicago, Illinois;
Cook County, Illinois;
Montgomery County, Maryland;
City of Boston, Massachusetts;
City of Lowell, Massachusetts;
City of Malden, Massachusetts;
City of Quincy, Massachusetts;
City of Springfield, Massachusetts;
City of Detroit, Michigan;
City of Eastpointe, Michigan;
City of Flint, Michigan;
City of Hamtramck, Michigan;
City of Highland Park, Michigan;
City of Jackson, Michigan;
Shelby Township, Michigan;
City of Minneapolis, Minnesota;
Bergen County, New Jersey;
Middlesex County, New Jersey;
Bernalillo County, New Mexico;
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina;
Wake County, North Carolina;
Cuyahoga County, Ohio;
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania;
Lehigh County, Pennsylvania;
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;
Richland County, South Carolina;
Harris County, Texas;
Waller County, Texas;
Fairfax County, Virginia;
Prince William County, Virginia; and
City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Speaking of monitoring elections the DOJ better monitor Pennsylvania’s AG, who is already stating the outcome of the election, before it’s over:


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