#ShutDownDC – BLM/ANTIFA Thugs Plan To Assault Republicans At Their Homes And Business During Election Week

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#ShutDownDC is organizing groups of protesters to target Republican officials and government buildings during a series of planned election-week demonstrations.

The activist group released its protest schedule along with three maps highlighting different areas for protesters to target next week. #ShutDownDC’s events begin on Election Day, with an eight-hour “After You Vote, Hit the Streets” event at Black Lives Matter Plaza.

On Wednesday, the group plans to target Trump campaign officials and Republican donors at their homes, and on Thursday, protesters will attempt to block the entrances to the White House and create a car and bike “caravan” on surrounding streets.

The demonstrations will culminate Friday, when—based on the election results—protesters will attempt to blockade bridges, major highways, intersections, and government office buildings.

The maps pinpoint the locations of prominent conservative groups, such as the Republican National Committee and the Heritage Foundation, as well as of government buildings and high-trafficked streets and bridges.

They also highlight military bases, hospitals, and news outlets. According to the group’s website, #ShutDownDC will protest outside the buildings of any major news outlets that call the election before all votes are counted.

#ShutDownDC launched a similar map during June’s anti-police riots.

The group began in 2019 as a climate change activist movement. Last fall, it was responsible for blocking roads and intersections to protest climate change.

In the days leading up to the election, downtown Washington, D.C., business owners have already begun boarding up windows to protect their stores from rioters and looters. Anti-police protesters vandalized and looted dozens of businesses this summer following George Floyd’s death.

Via WashingtonFreeBeacon

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