WATCH: CNN’s Prized Idiot, Don Lemon, Compares Trump Supporters To Drug Addicts

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CNN clown Don Lemon directly compared supporters of President Trump to drug addicts during a live broadcast Thursday.

Lemon also laboured on the point that he has “had to get rid of” friends because of their support for Trump, particularly on the issue of not living in fear of COVID-19.

“I have many people who I love in my life. I come from a red state, and I’ve lived in several red states,” Lemon ranted.

“There are a lot of friends who I had to get rid of because they are so nonsensical when it comes to this issue. They have every single talking point that they hear on state TV and that they hear from this president. They repeated, and they are blinded by it,” the host continued.

“I had to get rid of them. They are too far gone. I will try and try and try. They’ll say something stupid, and I will show them the science and give them the information, and they still repeat those talking points,” he continued to froth.

Imagine disowning a friend because they have a different opinion. That is the kind of twisted mindset Lemon and his fellow CNN activists have.

“If you look at the information that we put up last night that showed you how red states taken over where the blue states were.” He continued to rant.

“People came in from bigger cities where there is more transmission, obviously where people are closer together. Now the red states are the problem. I just had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you have to let them go,” Lemon said, speaking as if his ‘friends’ are stray cats.

“I think they have to hit rock bottom like an addict. Right? They have to want to get help. They have to want to know the truth,” Lemon said, comparing Trump supporters to drug addicts.

Imagine finding yourself being Don Lemon’s friend, and then having him tell you he is getting rid of you. It would be a kind of confirmation that you are a normal human being after all.

Judging by his previous rantings, the man actively dislikes anyone who wants to spend their income on having ‘fun’, while looking down on everyone from his huge swank pad in Sag Harbor.

“They have to want to live in reality and want to be responsible not only for other people’s lives but for their lives. It is so sad,” Lemon ordained.

Such wise and philosophical words old sage.

“I don’t know if, after this, I will ever be able to go back and be friends with those people,” Lemon added, again making it clear that he has gotten rid of friends, which definitely explains why he doesn’t have any left.

“At a certain point, they’re too far gone, and I got to let them go. If they’re willing to come back and willing to live in the reality, then I will welcome them with open arms. I can’t do it anymore.”

Maybe, in reality, it was the friends who got rid of Lemon.

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