James O’Keefe Blows The Lid Off Political Consultant’s Voter Fraud Operation – Gets Her To TELL WHO IS PAYING HER!

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James O’Keefe has just released footage of Raquel Rodriguez spilling the beans on her entire voter fraud operation, who is paying her and how much:

You met Raquel Rodriguez in yesterday’s Project Veritas expose showing her working for Mauro Garza, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Today O’Keefe takes you under the water to see the rest of the iceberg and it is devastating.

Rodriguez not only talks about her ‘cash’ operation, but outs the people who’ve paid her to get them elected by getting them votes. Like state representative Liz Campos and state Senator Pete Flores:

Another candidate Rodriguez said she agreed to help is Elizabeth Campos, the Democratic hopeful for the 119th District seat in the Texas House of Representatives.

“I told her: ‘Are you tired of losing?’ Because, she lost twice, three strikes you’re out. I said: ‘You’ve never had me on your team.’ She said: ‘Let’s try it.’”

Rodriguez said she was committed to Campos—as long as Campos understood she owed her.

“And I brought her, listen to this, I brought her through the general, to the primary, and she was in a runoff and I got her out of the runoff. Now she couldn’t afford me. The average person would have said: ‘You know what, f*ck you, I’m not gonna help you run against your opponent.’ You know what I told her? ‘I respect you. You’re going to owe me—OK? Just remember what I am doing for you,’” she said.

Rodriguez said Campos was smart to take the deal.

Rodriguez said to a Project Veritas journalist that she would not work to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, but besides Garza, there are other Republicans she will help—such as state Sen. Peter P. Flores, who represents the 19th District.

Raquel Rodriguez: “The senator is Pete Flores.”

Journalist: “Pete Flores.”

Rodriguez: “He’s a Republican, he’s going to win.”

Journalist: “OK, has he won already?”

Rodriguez: “Yeah, he’s already won.”

Journalist: “So, you’ve got Pete in your –“

Rodriguez: “He called me and said: ‘Raquel, what do you need?’ I told him I needed some face masks that he’s giving out, he gave me like, 22 dozen.”

Journalist: “You got Pete in the pocket.”

Rodriguez: “Pete in the pocket.”

Rodriguez likes having politicians in her pocket. It’s really a sort-of blackmail agreement. If she ever decided to self-destruct, she could take them all down with her.

She also claims that she’s got Republican precinct chairs working for her who secretly support Democrats:

Rodriguez did not say directly that she was paid by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign or the campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar, but she said she was working for both candidates and she does not work for free.

“Yeah, I’m getting the Biden vote out, but I mean I’m not going to do it for free–in other words if they don’t pay me, I’m like excuse me?” she said.

“I’m against Trump. OK. I’m with Biden and I’m with Hegar. That’s the truth,” she said. “I’ve got three Democrats; three Republicans and the rest are Democrats.” Hegar is running against Republican Sen. John Cornyn III.

Rodriguez said it is not about party loyalty, it is about the money, when a Project Veritas journalist asked about what it would take to hire her—and among her clients are Texas Republicans secretly helping the Democrats win, she said.

“My people are undercover because some of them are Republicans,” she said. “Some of them are Democrats. Some of them are just wanting to get the right people in office, so some of the Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known because they could get kicked out, but they want to help Biden–and so that’s how they’re helping me.”

Candidates running for political office aren’t the only ones paying Rodriguez. She’s got judges too, and some of them are in her pocket as well:

Rodriguez said she was also hired to help candidates running for judge.

“So, those three judges that you’re talking about, and that’s her name? Renee Yanta, Nicole Garza, right? They’re paying me $3,500. Me, $3,500 to make sure that their name is on the ballot,” she said. Yanta is a Republican and Garza is a Democrat.

Rodriguez even said she looks forward to judges, like Yanta, being in her debt.

“Renee Yanta, she’s running for [judge], so the thing is, I’m going to have people like that with me, like in my pocket, you know what I’m saying?” she said.

There’s much more in the video so be sure and watch it above.


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