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Facebook Killed Our Page Traffic In The Month Before Election — More Deliberate Conservative Censorship From Big Tech

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In the month before the election, Facebook showed our posts to over 10 MILLION less people than in the previous month. Without pulling out your calculator that’s an incredible 1000% drop.

The large social media companies have taken incredible flack since 2016 over “supposed” censorship of Conservative voices. We put “supposed” in quotes because it’s clear to anyone actually paying attention that there has been a coordinated effort by big tech to censor Conservatives.

Of course these companies have largely denied such censorship or downplayed it as some sort of “glitch” in their systems. The Liberal media then played cover for big tech, claiming that Conservatives aren’t “really” being censored by pointing to flawed metrics.

In the last month, however, the censorship hit close to home for us at enVolve. In the month before the 2020 election we saw our traffic from social media drop drastically:

Facebook, quite obviously, throttled the reach of our page by over 1000% one month before the election. This isn’t something we “imagined” or made up on the spot, this is real data straight from Facebook analytics.

But, surely, you must have posted some “fake news” to deserve such harsh punishment, you say? Well, not according to Facebook’s “page quality” report:

So how is it that Facebook says we have no restrictions or violations on our page yet our traffic suddenly drops so precipitously? Do we really need to ask?

Big League Politics published a story showing how alternative news outlets are being targeted in this coordinated attack on free speech by these tech monopolies:

Twitter has exploded in an onslaught of dishonest left-wing censorship, targeting conservative-leaning media outlets for temporary bans and suspensions in the wake of a series of Hunter Biden corruption reports.

The New York Post- one of the largest newspapers in the entire country- has been locked down by Twitter since initially reporting the Hunter Biden laptop story earlier this month. The Post hasn’t tweeted since October 14th, having been silenced by the tech monopoly for almost two weeks in the heat of the presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit, one of the most viral and popular conservative news sites, was placed onto a 12-hour Twitter suspension for reporting on contents released from Hunter Biden’s laptop. GP reporter Cassandra Fairbanks confirmed that the site had been placed on a 12-hour suspension on Friday.

Big League Politics was placed on a 12-hour Twitter suspension on Saturday night, with the platform arbitrarily citing BLP’s #DetroitLeaks reporting. Remarkably, one of the tweets found to violate the Twitter rules was none other than an unedited video of a Michigan poll worker instructor speaking!

Larger Conservative media and politicians have been attempting to fight back. PragerU, in one example, has taken their case against Google to circuit courts.

Senate Republicans, meanwhile, subpoenaed big tech CEO and Senator Ted Cruz grilled Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about his platform’s blatant censorship:

But, while large companies like PragerU or DailyWire can make noise, small publications, like ours, who can’t afford or don’t have the influence of the big players are the ones who are really hurt in big tech’s war against Conservatives.

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