Leftists Have Complete MELTDOWN Over “Illegitimate” Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation — Call For Democrats To Pack The Court To Fight “Injustice”

On Monday the Republican controlled Senate held a vote to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme court. The Left had a complete meltdown.

During the vote, the immature Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, gave a thumbs down and a ‘hell no’ against Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation before throwing a fit and storming out:

There are a lot of despicable Democrats, but none seem more depraved to me than Mazie Hirono. She’s the worst.

But leftists everywhere are enraged tonight over ACB’s confirmation, many demanding the Democrats pack the Court:

Of course.

Minority? Republicans are a MAJORITY in the Senate, which is why they were able to confirm ACB. Geez.


Here’s the last one I’ll leave you with, the leftists over at CNN:

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