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WATCH: Google Manager ADMITS That Google Is Biased And Skews Searches To Favor Joe Biden

James O’Keefe just dropped a new video where he’s got a Google program manager on camera admitting that Google skews their positive search results toward Joe Biden:

O’Keefe describes Ritesh Lakhkar as a ‘ranking’ member at Google and he is clearly not happy with how Google and other social media companies try and play ‘god’ over content.

Both Lakhar and Patrick Markan, a lead mechanical engineer at Fitbit, say that Google is skewing the results via their algorithm and that good results for candidates can be bought:

“If I say ‘hey Google, here’s another two billion dollars, feed this data set of whenever Joe Biden is searched, you’ll get these results.’”

Lakhkar also described people crying in the halls of Google after Trump won in 2016, saying that HR organized group therapy sessions for employees.

There’s a lot more in the full video below:

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