LEAKED: Gov. Cuomo ADMITS Targeting Jewish-Schools With HARSH Lockdown OUT OF FEAR, Not Science!

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Leaked audio has exposed Gov. Cuomo’s massive lies when it comes to his coronavirus lockdown policies. The New York governor has been terribly ineffective and vindictive throughout the pandemic, all while consistently relying upon politics instead of data.

Cuomo playing politics has lead to over 32,000 deaths, over 10,000 of which were nursing home deaths! New York also has the second-worst death rate in the country, second only to New Jersey.

In public, Cuomo has constantly chanted “science” to justify every bad decision he’s made. In reality, his actions have been anything but scientific and now we have proof.

Leaked audio shows Cuomo admitting that his lockdown orders, specifically those targeting Jewish schools, are not based in science.

Policies for closing schools over coronavirus concerns have been one of the least data-driven decisions any government has made. Spread among school-aged children is minute compared to adults. The virus is also less dangerous than the flu for those specific age groups. Closing schools simply blew up the economy while putting children in the worse position of constantly being around their family members outside of the mitigation being done when they are in school.

Cuomo knows all this, but the targeting of Jewish schools, which is just the most recent example, is yet another fear-driven tactic meant to keep people in line. Democrats want the populace to be terrified of the virus because they see political gain in that. There’s no other logical explanation for continuing to keep schools closed when other states have had them open for months with no real issues. Never mind all the countries around the world who have done the same.

Andrew Cuomo may think he has a bright political future ahead of him. I think he may have overplayed his hand though.

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