One Gallup Poll Makes All Others Useless, Most Americans Confident Trump Will DEFINITELY Win

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Media outlets love polls. Somewhere in history people convinced CNN, Fox, and the rest that we actually take and believe these things. Yes, some are useful but most of the pre-election polls are garbage. CNN is ok with a garbage poll as long as they can push their narrative with it, bringing me to my point.

Of the more reliable polls is the Gallup poll. Given the results of this latest poll, however, pollsters might as well give up because this one is telling and it’s a doozy.

Gallup has released a poll that found a majority of Americans believe they are better off than they were before Trump’s election four years ago:

That has to be crushing information for Joe Biden.

The same poll also reported that a majority of Americans believe that Trump will win the election as well:

And with a 16% margin! That’s pretty incredible.

Rush asked Trump about this on his show today, noting that this Gallup poll question has never been wrong:

Trump believes in the polling because the enthusiasm in the country is ‘far greater than it was four years ago’. He also noted that there are Trump signs all over the place being stolen and people just don’t want to get involved.

Steve Deace weighed in on this today as well noting the conflict between normal polling and this gallup poll means only one of two things:

Boy do I hope it’s the former and not the latter. What do you think?

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