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WATCH: Joe Biden Makes INSANE Plan To ‘Fix’ Police By Sending A Psychiatrist On Every 911 Call

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The Left’s insane plan to destroy policing is now being pushed on a national level through their Presidential nominee.

Joe Biden said last night in a town hall that he wants to ‘increase’ police budgets in order to send psychologists and psychiatrists out on 911 calls with police officers:

Ignoring the obvious here for a second, do you see what he’s doing? Biden is completely embracing the defund police movement, only he’s trying to make it look like he’s not.

The defund police movement calls for the defunding of police departments and, with that money, creating an alternative force of psychologists and psychiatrists who will handle ‘non-violent’ calls. You know, like a drunk guy sleeping in a Wendy’s drive-thru. It’s this radical, ‘reimagined policing’ garbage that the left has been pushing hard since the death of George Floyd in police custody earlier this year.

This defunding plan is essentially what Biden is calling for here, except he’s saying the alternative force and the normal police force should all be the same force instead of being separated. Think of this as a ‘transition’ police force.

Biden claims that he’s calling for ‘increasing’ police budgets, but that’s just rhetorical sleight of hand because those ‘increases’ will only be for adding a bunch of psychologists and psychiatrists to the police force. The left will then begin using these ‘transition’ police force budgets to add more and more psychologists and psychiatrists while decreasing the number of actual police officers. In the end, they get their ‘reimagined’ police force while deceiving people into believing they are pro-police. It’s very deceptive and is just another huge reason why the left must be defeated.

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