DENY, DENY, DENY! Cuomo Straight LIES — Swears Covid Patients Were NEVER Admitted To Nursing Homes

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New York governor Andrew Cuomo pulled a tried and true tactic straight from the Democrat playbook on Wednesday. When pressed about his disastrous nursing home policy, which allowed patients with the coronavirus to be readmitted, Cuomo simply denied it.

That a boy Cuomo! When backed into a corner just gaslight them or blame it all on Trump.

Despite the fact that back in March he issued an advisory barring nursing homes from denying admission to patients with confirmed cases of Covid-19, Cuomo was adamant such readmissions never took place.

Cuomo admitted his administration implemented the policy but said it was only an “anticipatory rule,” in case hospitals became overwhelmed with patients.

As a result of the rule, however, nursing homes readmitted over 6,000 patients who tested positive for coronavirus between late March and early May. 

Nearly 6,500 New York nursing home patients have died of COVID-19 as of Sept. 28, accounting for about 20 percent of the state’s total coronavirus deaths (32,768). Some experts say that number could be higher, as the state health department does not count those who contracted the virus in a nursing home. 

In the same call, Cuomo said his policies “saved lives.” 

“That’s how I sleep at night,” he said.


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