Fox’s John Roberts Tries To LIE That Trump Won’t Denounce White Supremacists But Kayleigh McEnany Drops A BOMB On Him!

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President Donald Trump suffers many enemies. Every news outlet, even Fox News which is typically on the conservative lean, has at least one reporter willing to spread fake news of the President Elect.

Kayleigh McEnany’s press briefing today began with a fiery accusation from Fox News reporter John Roberts. Roberts started in with the false narrative that Trump won’t denounce white supremacism and aggressively pushed Kayleigh to make a denouncement on the President’s behalf:

McEnany quickly reminded Roberts of several instances where Trump clearly and defenitivly denounced white supremacism. Roberts wasn’t satisfied with any past references and continued to demand a statement, “to put it to rest.”

What a joke! Kayleigh didn’t bite the bait but calmly reminded Roberts she just did by repeating Trump’s past statements denouncing it. Her tone made known that such nonsense was not going to be tolerated!

This is such a phony issue and one that the media is obsessed with. Just yesterday someone posted a video of over 17 times where Trump denounced this garbage that the media keeps trying to pin on him by saying he’s never done it:

These people are hypocrites! Just like in 2016, they are trying to scandalize Trump as a racist to keep him from winning. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now because the American people see through these partisan hacks.

John Roberts went on Fox News and told people on Twitter, who are hammering him for asking this question, that he doesn’t care, claiming it needs to be asked:

Kayleigh dropped a bomb on him though, making Roberts look like an even bigger fool:

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