WATCH: Protesters Still Haven’t Learned Not To Stand In Front Of Cars — Denver Police Detain Driver After Hitting Protester Who Attacked His Car

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I feel like at this point in history, adults should all be aware that standing in streets isn’t a good idea. Of course, protesters today may not be mentally on the level of adults.

A driver was detained in Denver after he drove through Breonna Taylor protesters that were surrounding his vehicle.

According to Denver police there were not injuries from the incident. Most avoided the vehicle and some protesters were chasing after the vehicle.

The incident was captured on video and posted on social media.

According to Shelly Bradbury, here are some of the moments before the driver accelerated into the crowd.

Bradbury tweeted “The confrontation began when the driver pulled into the protest area and was stopped by protesters. The protesters surrounded the vehicle and told the driver to turn around. They shouted at each other, then the driver accelerated into the protesters after a few tense minutes”


This woman, Kate was hit but not badly hurt.

She told the Denver Post “I was kind of going up on the hood and I was like, ‘No, I’m not doing this,’ and I rolled over to the side. He wasn’t gonna stop even though I was, like, on his hood.”

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