Everyone Isn’t Going To Die From Voting In Person, Or Else The Left Is Now Advocating Mass Murder!

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In a pivot of biblical proportions and one which would be the envy of any professional athlete, Liberals are now enthusiastically embracing the thought of voting in person. It seems that voting in person is such a great idea that Democrats (especially the ones on Biden’s campaign staff) want you to believe that the whole thing was their idea from the beginning.

Biden campaign officials say they’ve always encouraged people to vote however they are most comfortable, and that they’ve never exclusively stressed one method over another.

Which is kind of weird, given that just a few short days ago, we were reading things like

Political figures on the left, ranging from former first lady Michelle Obama to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are calling for the presidential election on Nov. 3 to take place through mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

What changed? Well according to an article in Axios

In Florida, voters are twice as likely to have their absentee ballot rejected if they’ve never voted that way before, University of Florida political science professor Dan Smith told Axios.

In North Carolina, “Black voters’ ballots are being rejected at more than four times the rate of white voters,” per FiveThirtyEight. Overall, data shows new, younger, Black and Hispanic voters are more likely to have their ballots rejected. 

More than 550k mail-in ballots were rejected during the presidential primaries this year, per an NPR analysis.

There is also the added caveat of Campaign officials discovering that the difficulties of mail-in voting have been vastly underrated.

An age-old adage that well defines the dilemma facing the Liberal voting block, which is receiving vastly different instructions from the party, is that basically, they don’t know whether to shit or go blind

Becket Adams of “The Washington Examiner” summed up the situation as follows

Regardless if how he votes, by mail or in person, there is one thing for sure

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