BREAKING: Multiple Police Officers Shot In Louisville, Others Assaulted By Rioters As Crowd Laughs

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UPDATE: A second police officer has been confirmed to have been shot in Louisville.

The Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville turned into riot as the city curfew approached and violence broke out.

A Louisville Metro Police Department spokesperson confirmed to Louisville media on Wednesday that an officer had been shot in the city during ongoing protests following the jury’s decision. 

Nearby, a group of police officers attempted to put out fires at the Hall of Justice when they were attacked by the mob who began throwing objects at them.

Something large and white was thrown at about 25 seconds and hit one officer in the head. It was probably a block of ice. He fell backwards to the ground and you could hear one woman yelling ‘good one, good one!’ Disgusting.

The police then began to retreat back into the building after they extinguished the fires holding their shields high to protect them from more objects being thrown at them.

The riot was mostly dispersed after the shooting as police regained control of the city.

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