American Students Report Severe Punishment For Anyone Not Embracing BLM

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American universities and colleges have become a cesspool of anti-American, anti-free speech liberal mindwarping. Alarming numbers of students are reporting being disciplined for exercising free speech on campuses, especially if they voice any level of criticism for the Black Lives Matter ‘movement’.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which defends free speech on college campuses, says that it has seen an unprecedented number of First Amendment violations amid the ongoing wave of racial protests. Students and faculty can submit alleged violations of free speech to the nonprofit to ask for legal help or advice. This summer, according to FIRE’s Adam Steinbaugh, “a significant portion of incidents” had to do with students getting in trouble for commenting on Black Lives Matter or related racial issues.

Look folks, no significant change ever came from systematically silencing questioning or critical minds. Healthy debate and skepticism are excellent tools for intellectuals to implement in order to flesh out weak points in arguments, theories, or policies.

Hell, college and universities should be safe places for students to see and argue all sides of topic or philosophy.

Unfortunately, power-hungry liberals have lost the ability to sway the mind through rational means, thus, submitting to barbaric tactics fit for a third-world dictatorship.

“Where there is conflict and controversy, censorship follows,” Steinbaugh said in a statement. “A significant portion of incidents are borne from the heightened political and social tensions accelerated by the homicide of George Floyd.”

FIRE reviewed 575 cases between June and August, surpassing its average of 149 summer case reviews. The organization does not respond to every request for legal assistance, though August 10 marked the group’s 100th letter of concern to an institution this year, bypassing its previous annual record of 83 letters. During an online event on free speech, executive director Robert Sibley said reports are still coming in at an increased rate as schools return to session.

FIRE isn’t the only institution seeing an uptick in campus bias. The Young America’s Foundation’s (YAF) Campus Bias Tip Line has received double the number of complaints compared to previous summers. YAF spokesman Spencer Brown called the ongoing attempts of universities to control speech asinine.

And asinine it is. Higher education must be held accountable and must safeguard the freedoms of students. Babysitting feelings does not prepare our youth for becoming the future leaders and protectors of the free world. No, such coddling only encourages weak character that succumbs to the fleeting whims of the emotionally turbulent.

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