NPR Reporter Among Emergency Room Mob In LA, Personally INTERFERING With Cops!

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Two young sheriffs are fighting to recover after being horrifically shot in the head. BLM ‘protesters’ made it very clear during their morning raid of the emergency room treating the sheriffs that they are willing to take extended measures to see cops murdered.


But Liberal-media propagator, NPR, isn’t outraged about that. Nope. No, their upset that police would dare arrest one of their reporters who was there. The young woman, by many accounts, was not carrying credentials and was actively interfering with police arresting a male subject.

This was sent by the LASD overnight:

That’s Huang they are talking about.

She tweeted this morning that she’s out of jail and has “thoughts.”

I’m sure her thoughts are some bullshit about how police are evil for trying to protect their injured from blood-thirsty cop killers. I’m sure her heart is broken for the ‘oppressed’ individual that pulled the trigger.


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