WATCH: Biden Press Sec Has A Complete Meltdown When Asked If Sleepy Joe Uses A Teleprompter During TV Interviews

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Of course we already know that Sleepy Joe isn’t fully there. It’s also quite obvious that he’s been using a teleprompter to make sure he doesn’t forget what he’s talking about during TV interviews. The Biden’s campaign, however, wants us to believe that ‘ole Joe is sharp as a tack.

A top press secretary for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign erupted in anger on Thursday afternoon after he was asked during a live television interview if Biden has been using a teleprompter to answer questions during media interviews.

The segment is especially news worthy because Biden has faced repeated questions about his mental fitness for office and the Trump campaign has continually highlighted instances in which Biden appears to be using a teleprompter to answer questions during interviews.

“Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A with supporters?” Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked.

“Bret, we are not going to eng–, this is, this is straight from the Trump campaign talking points,” Biden spokesperson TJ Ducklo erupted.

“Well yeah, they’re using it,” Baier responded.

“And what it does, and what it does, Bret, is it’s trying to distract the American,” Ducklo ranted.

“They’re using it, they talk about it every day, can you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?” Baier pressed.

“They talk about it every day, Bret, because they don’t have a coherent strategy—” Ducklo continued.

“Well, you haven’t answered,” Baier pressed. “Yes or no?”

After Ducklo continued to rant, Baier responded, “I understand, but you can’t answer the question.”

Ducklo then promoted a conspiracy theory, suggesting without evidence that the Trump campaign was funneling their questions through Fox News in an effort to get the Biden campaign to respond.


Here are just a few of the examples of the Trump campaign documenting Biden’s alleged use of a teleprompter to answer questions during interviews:

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