WATCH: War Vet Calls Out Democrats For Using His Face In Anti-Trump Propaganda — ‘Trump Never Called Me A Loser!’

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The Democrats have been pushing political propaganda against President Trump, and now one disabled war veteran is calling them out on their B.S.

The veteran featured in a viral meme citing the anonymously sourced Atlantic story claiming President Donald Trump hates disabled veterans has come forward in a TikTok video bashing those using his image to push anti-Trump “propaganda” and revealing that he supports President Trump’s reelection.

In a video captioned “Damn it people! Stop using my image,” Bobby Henline responded to the meme claiming President Trump “says he’s a loser,” saying the use of his image to prove a political point constitutes fake news.

“Can I get a day’s rest? Is this election over with yet? Are we done lying to people?”

“That’s my face,” said Heline, pointing at the meme using a green screen. “I’m here to tell you, it’s not true. Look at that.”

“People, stop using me for your propaganda, for your agenda, I’m not here for that,” he went on. “I don’t know what Trump said but I’m sure he didn’t call me a loser. I didn’t hear him call me a loser.”

“So this has go to stop. Stop using my image,” he demanded. “It’s ridiculous, let’s stop the sh*t. Let’s move on. I’m not part of all this.”


#greenscreen damn it people! Stop using my image. President Trump let’s do lunch. #trump2020

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In his TikTok caption, Henline also indicated his support for President Trump, writing “President Trump let’s do lunch. #Trump2020.”

The original meme references a story run in The Atlantic claiming that President Trump disparaged wounded veterans as “losers” and that he refused to assist in Sen. John McCain’s funeral due to his status as a wounded veteran.

While the video seems to have been met with limited response on TikTok, it has been reposted to Twitter, where it has amassed nearly 1 million views.

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