After Bashing Trump For Visiting Kenosha, Biden Realizes Trump’s Making The Right Moves!

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Biden has suddenly realized that he needs to visit Kenosha, a day after Trump visited Kenosha to great enthusiasm:

Once again Biden is following in the footsteps of President Trump. It seems that’s all he does these days.

Just yesterday Biden’s team had decided against going to Kenosha, with his senior adviser Symone Sanders saying he didn’t want to create a ‘tussle’ on the ground:

When asked on CNN on Tuesday if Biden was planning on visiting Kenosha, Wis., this week, Sanders did not confirm if plans were in the works, though reports have emerged recently that the campaign decided against doing so.

She said Tuesday that “he doesn’t want to do anything that would create a tussle on the ground.”

Sanders then criticized Trump for even going to Kenosha, claiming he’d incite more violence or something:

She added that President Trump’s scheduled visit to Kenosha on Tuesday could lead to more violence after protests ensued there following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man who was shot seven times by a police officer.

“We have heard the president over the last couple of days, throughout the Republican National Convention, talk about violence,” Sanders said. “His tweets have stoked and incited this violence. So he’s not going to be a calming voice in Kenosha, Wis., today. He’s going to do nothing but fan the flames and pour gasoline on what is already a very tense situation.”

So now, suddenly, tomorrow, Biden is going to Kenosha after seeing Trump’s visit go so well. Leading from behind, just like he did in the Obama administration. I guess you can’t teach an old senile dog new tricks.


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